The Day After Judgement
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After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 To Battle! A Random Encounter!

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To Battle! A Random Encounter! Empty
PostSubject: To Battle! A Random Encounter!   To Battle! A Random Encounter! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 10:58 pm

You trek along the desolate highway on your way to the next settlement. The cool breeze is refreshing against your sun baked skin. Suddenly you hear something clang in the distance. Behind the wreck of car a Raider turns the corner! Both wastelanders look eyes and instinct drives them for their weapon. The Raider is faster and has his 9mm Pistol leveled. The die rolls an 8 modified by a Sight Value of 2. This is a 10 opposing the your defense of 10. The Raider's shot goes wide and skins you in the shoulder. Bracing through the pain, you fire your own gun at the Raider in retaliation. The roll is a ten, so with a modifier of 2, you go well passed the Raider's defense.

Your shot hits the Raider in the gut causing him to fall over. With anger in his eyes, he discards his gun and raises a switchblade from his belt before charging in at you. In the time it takes him to close the distance, you line up one more shot and fire. The dice says, 11! Your shot is a critical that burrows into his chest. The Raider howls in pain, but continues his charge, no doubt too jacked on Med-Ex and Psycho too care. He rolls a 10 and his Might modifier of 3 pushes him past your defense. The switchblade cuts into your rib with agony. You know well that it is harder to shoot in close quarters since your Sight is penalized, so instead you op to put some distance between you two. This gives the raider an advantage however, as you are now open to a second attack.

The Raider rolls a 15 and needs no modifier to strike you in the back with his blade. Fighting the pain, you turn around with your sights a little clearer and take aim. Your lucky day as a second 11 lands and your bullet pierces through the Raider's left eye splattering the pavement behind him with his brains. Taking a moment to catch your breath, you approach the body and begin to search. A 9 is rolled which would normally fail, except your Sight modifier of 2 ensures you find at least something common. Just your luck as the Raider had one clip of 9mm ammo(15) and a stimpak along with the switchblade he was wielding.

You use the stimpak immediately and decide to search the car wreck you found the Raider by. The roll is a 13 plus your modifier of 2 means you will find something uncommon. As promised, you find the pistol he discarded and 20 NCR dollars. You use the pistol to repair your own with a cunning roll before pocketing the money and continuing on your journey.

This is an example of a typical encounter one might have when roaming the wastes. The GM shall manage all NPC enemies and the die will be rolled automatically through the dice function. All actions will variable outcomes will be mitigated through checks related to one of the skills in play. We hope this helped you understand the basics of surviving an encounter.
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To Battle! A Random Encounter!
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